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Fields of Cooperation:

Georgia and the Republic of Austria enjoy close relations in the fields of trade, economy, energy, environmental protection, culture and education. The activities of the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) in Georgia promoting the development of tourism, agriculture, energy and forestry should be noted as well.

11 Agreements have been signed between Georgia and the Republic of Austria encompassing the cooperation in economy, air transport, promotion and protection of investments, double tax avoidance and other areas.

High level visits are frequently exchanged between the legislative and executive authorities of Georgia and the Republic of Austria.

The Georgian-Austrian inter-parliamentary cooperation is close and intensive. The Group of Friendship with Austria functions at the Parliament of Georgia and the Austria-Georgia Friendship Group was set up at the Parliament of Austria for the first time in 2014.

Taking into consideration the active relations between both countries in various fields, the Embassy of the Republic of Austria was officially opened in Tbilisi in September 2016 upon the decision of the Austrian Government.

Austrian companies are deeply interested in Georgia’s economic and investment potential, in the fields such as: energy, tourism and agriculture. An Austrian investment has already been made in the energy sector (Aragvihesi). Joint business fora are held on a regular basis with a view to deepening the economic cooperation. The Georgia-Austrian Joint Economic Commission has been established to monitor cooperation in the priority areas jointly identified by Georgian and Austrian sides.

The Georgian-Austrian relations are active in the fields of education, science and culture. This cooperation is bolstered by the events already organized and planned in future, the implemented and ongoing projects across Austria (i.e. Tbilisi Cultural Day in Vienna, cooperation between the Vienna Music University and Tbilisi State Conservatoire, contemporary art exhibitions, exhibition of medieval Georgian manuscripts, public reading of works of Georgian authors, etc.). Furthermore, the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna annually grants scholarships to Georgian public officials.

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